A FRESH CATCH® is just more than our slogan ... it's our company's philosophy and corporate culture!  Every aspect of our business is to ensure that only the highest and utmost quality goes out to our customers.  Quality above all else is the single most important factor in our product & service.  We will make sure our customers receive the freshest product even if it means holding back our delivery trucks when a fresh shipment is late.  We understand, as do many of our customers that having quality fish and seafood is what can make you stand out from your competition.  Anyone can deliver an order with lesser quality at any given time but it takes something special in the seafood industry to send an order with the freshest product filled at a 99% fill rate. 
     Seacore brings reliability and consistency to an unreliable and inconsistent market.  We have specific procedures in place along our cold chain to make sure it's just that - cold.  Temperature is the single most important control point in fresh and frozen fish and seafood.  That's why all of our trucks are refrigerated, we inspect and mandate all incoming product to be on refrigerated transportation, our warehouse is completely refrigerated which means once the seafood is in our possession, it never sees a warm temperature and all of our fish and seafood is ideally packaged to maintain its freshness. 
     This entire section of our website, Seacore's Advantage is a result of A FRESH CATCH® philosophy.  From Quality Products to Sustainable Seafood Sourcing to Direct Importing, every single aspect is in line with this high quality approach to our business.

A FRESH CATCH®    |   Seacore's way of being the best source for all of your seafood needs! 



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