In House Storage

Seacore Seafood has a large amount of resources dedicated to In House Storage.  Our freezers can carry over 3,000,000 LBS of frozen product at any given time.  They are kept between the temperatures of -18oC to -21oC which is the recommended temperature from CFIA.  Our coolers can keep an inventory of over 500,000 LBS of fresh fish and seafood inventory on a weekly basis and they are maintened at a CFIA approved temperature between 0oC to 4oC.  By having 2 independent freezers and 2 independent coolers set up in our facility, it gives us the flexibility to maintain certain products at different temperatures.  For instance, our live shellfish, such as mussels, clams and oysters are better maintained at a temperature of 2oC to 4oC in one

cooler while our fresh fillets will be kept in a cooler of 0oC to 2oC to maintain the freshness and quality.

In addition, Seacore can maintain over 10,000 LBS of live lobsters and crab in house.  Our large live fish tanks have an independent filtration and water system allowing us to keep the live seafood in house ready for last minute orders at any time of the year.

All of our cold storage systems are maintained and monitored on a continual basis and meet or exceed all of CFIA's and HACCP guidelines.

By having these dedicated resources in house, Seacore ensures it will have the inventory on hand to meet all of our customers' needs and thus eliminating the risk for our customers having to hold large amounts of product in their own inventory.




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