For current Business Customers Only 

Now Available for Android and Apple's iOS!

Available for both Phones and Tablets!




The Seacore Seafood App will work even without an internet connection!
It will submit the order once your phone or tablet connects to a data plan or wifi.






  1. 1.   Please download the appropriate app for your type of mobile device. (Visit Google Play for Android devices or the App Store for ipad and iphone 6 and up - Enter SEACORE SEAFOOD in the search field).
  3. 2.   After download, use the Seacore Seafood Mobile App to send an email to register. You will receive an email from Seacore Seafood containing your User Name and Password within 1 Business Day. Note you MUST be a current Seacore customer to receive a username.
  5. 3.   Once you receive your User Name and Password, sign into the Mobile App while you are connected to Wi-Fi or have Internet Access.
  7. 4.   Immediately download files that will allow you to continue to use the application, should you lose internet access. Select Download Data, then select Download All. (Note: The first synchronization may take some time to initialize all files on the Mobile App.) Download Data Daily to update product information, as well as current account information.



Seacore's App contains quite a few useful features on the home screen:


DOWNLOAD DATA:  This is where you will be able to keep your phone or tablet in sync with Seacore's database.  Note: There may be a lenghty download period when initializing your app the very first time, but once files are downloaded, it will be very quick to sync your phone with the most current information on your account.


ORDER ENTRY:  This is the most important feature of the Seacore Seafood App.  Here you can place an order, look up your accounts payable balance, search products, look up past invoices, email yourself invoice copies, edit your contact information and much more!  

You can place orders in many convenient ways:  

  • SEARCH FOR PRODUCTS (Our Entire Product Catalogue)
  • QUICK ORDER (enter via item numbers or UPC Scan, Yes with your phone or tablet!)
  • SHOP FROM PRIOR HISTORY (Anything you've bought from Seacore Seafood in the past will show up here. This is definitley the most convenient way of ordering!)
  • SHOP FROM ORDER GUIDE (If you have an order guide set up, only your items on the guide will show up here)
  • SHOP FROM PROMOTIONAL ITEMS (see a list of our weekly fresh features and monthly frozen features)
  • SHOP FROM A DEPARTMENT (Select products from our various departments such as Shrimp, Crab, Caviar and many more).

Beside the Order Entry text you will also see our Order Histroy Icon.  This is a quick way to see which orders have been submitted to us via the mobile app.


MARKET:  A direct link to or Fresh Market Report (aka Pier '87 Report) located on our website.  This list is updated daily with the fresh fish & seafood species available that day.


FEATURES:  A direct link to our weekly a Fresh Catch feature along with our Monthly Frozen Catches.  Check out some really good deals on quality fish & seafood.


USER PREFERENCES:  Where you can personalize settings for the app for your phone or tablet.


SOCIAL ICONS: Direct links to Call Us, Email Us, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter access.





As mentioned above, there are a number of convenient ways to enter your order.  When searching for an item, make sure to enter a minimum of 3 characters by product name or description, brand or item number.  The more characters you type in, the more specific the search.  For example, if you are searching for salmon, type in 'SAL' for Salmon, and you will receive all the search results for salmon items.  Whereas if you were to type in 'COHO' you will only receive Coho Salmon results.



Once you click on the Checkout Button, please review your order.  Look at the items you ordered, along with the quantities.  If everything looks good, then click on the Checkout Button (Shopping Cart) and you will see your Order Summary.  At this point, it is important to click on the date you want your order to be delivered to you. If you don't it will choose today's date and if it's after 8am it will automatically go in for the next delivery date.  Once you select the date, you have an option of entering some info if necessary for your business such as PO Number, Contact, Special Notes or Comments.  Only enter them if necessary or else leave them blank as they are optional.  

Once you are ready, click on the Truck Icon and you will be able to send your order to Seacore.  You will receive a pop up message to Confirm Your Order.  Once an order is sent, you are unable to edit it.  If you do need a change, just contact us via phone or email and we would be happy to edit your order for you.  

After you've confirmed your order, you will see an Order Summary screen which shows you your order details.  If connected to the internet, your order will be sent instantly.  If not connected to the internet, it will tell you it has not sent or synced yet.  At all times, you can check the status of your order from here. 





Review orders previously placed through Seacore Seafood.  All orders whether they are from the Mobile App, emails, e-commerce website, phone ins, faxes, from your sales rep, all orders will show up in your account.
You will be able to click on Order Details to see what was shipped to you from any previous orders. 
You can have PDF copies of invoices emailed to you from the Order Summary tab under Order Inquiry
Review your prior orders that were placed using the Seacore App under your Order History
Look up products along with current pricing.
You can view your Accounts Payables Balance along with Open & Paid Invoices under Account Info
You can edit your contact details so we have the correct person(s) to reach out to if need be.




If you do not have an internet connection no sweat (hey sometimes your kitchen is in the basement where you're secluded from any connections!), you will still be able to enter an order in the app and once you reconnect, with either a wifi connection or a data plan, your order will be sent.  Some Notes:
  • Pricing will not be visible until your Internet Connection is re-established.
  • Orders will automatically be updated when your Internet Connection is re-established.
  • Orders will not be processed until you have a chance to review your pricing and submit your order.
  • Off-line files should be updated daily using the Download Data, Download All option.

* Please note for iPhones, the app works with models after iphone 5.

If you have any questions, we are always a click or call away, so feel free to contact us anytime.  We hope you enjoy the Seacore Seafood App!

For our Privacy Policy, please click here.


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