Custom Processing

At Seacore Seafood, our state of the art processing department has become known to be the best in the industry.  Our 'Housecut Certified' products are widely held up as being the freshest and highest quality in the business.  We can cut, fillet, steak and/or portion any fish and seafood to your specific request.  We can custom process any type of order whether it is 10 LBS of centre-cut Yellowfin Tuna or 1,000 LBS of 6 oz skinless Red Spring Salmon portions, it doesn't matter what the size or specs of the order, we can do it for you. 

All of our processing is completed in temperature controlled rooms where every single aspect is monitored.  All of our products are completed with 100% Net Weights in order for you to know exactly the cost of your fish and seafood.  Everything produced in our processing areas have traceability in order to ensure only the best fish and seafood are used for our Housecut Certified products.



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Vaughan, ON
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