Our Fresh Housecut Certified® products are all about
quality, quality & some more quality!


We make sure every level of the process is of the utmost quality resulting in a premium Housecut Certified® product at no extra cost to our customers.


  • Only the Freshest fish & seafood products are used
  • The Largest Fish available for better portions & fillets
  • Quality Inspected & Assured
  • Always processed in Cold Temperature, Refrigerated Rooms
  • Product never sees warm temperatures in any part of our cold chain
  • Federally QMP & HACCP Certified
  • Full Traceability
  • Cut the morning of Custom-to-Order
  • Excellent Centre of the Plate appeal
  • Allows for mouth-watering Seafood Displays

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Now Available HOUSECUT Certified Frozen Cut Products: Retail Packs



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