At Seacore, we realize the importance of traceability on all of our products.  Especially in the seafood industry, where product can easily be mislabelled intentionally or not.  That's why we make sure to have all our product information on file and at our fingertips.  This is a mandatory part of our QMP and Quality Assurance programs, but we have taken it even one step further by becoming Fully Traceable. 

This means we allow any customer or supplier to receive all the traceability information they require on every single order if they prefer.  They can receive information on how the product was caught, where it was caught, its scientific name, product characteristics, sustainability rank and much, much more.  We do this through our ERP software in which all info is digiatlly recorded and stored.  This full traceability enahnces Seacore's physical supply chain with all of the pertinent information required thus connecting all of our trading partners from source to market. 

Seacore's traceability soltuion enables all companies in our supply chain to capture and share vital information, helping to manage and differentiate our product.

Seacore is a Trace Register partner.





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