Ocean Wise's recommendations are based on 4 criteria for sustainable seafood.  An Ocean Wise recommended species is:


  1. Abundant and resilient to fishing pressures.
  2. Well managed with a comprehensive management plan based on current research.
  3. Harvested in a method that ensures limited bycatch on non-targeted and endangered species.
  4. Harvested in ways that limit damage to marine or aquatic habitats and negative interactions with other species.

Seacore's Ocean Wise Sustainable Seafood List (The Most Popular Species):

   Arctic Char - Product of Canada / Inland Farmed
   Black Cod - Product of Canada / Wild - Bottom Longline/Trap
   Catfish Fillet - Product of U.S.A. / Inland Farmed 
   Clams Pastaneck - Product of U.S.A. / Inland Farmed 
   Crab Dungeness - Product of Canada / Wild Trap  
   Crab Rock - Product of Canada / Wild Trap

   Crab Snow Product of Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada / Wild Trap
   Halibut Pacific - Product of B.C., Canada / Bottom Longline
   Halibut Farmed - Product of Nova Scotia, Canada / Farmed Inland
   Kingfish - Product of U.S.A. / Wild Gill Net/Handline
   Mackerel Atlantic - Product of Atlantic Canada / Wild Gill Net
   Mussels P.E.I. - Product of Canada / Rope Cultured  
   Octopus Giant - Product of B.C., Canada / Trap Caught  
   Octopus Portuguese/Spanish - Product of Spain &/or Portugal / Pot Caught  
   Oysters East & West Coast Farmed * All Types - Worldwide/ Suspended Cultured  
   Patagonian Toothfish/Chilean Sea Bass - Product of S. Georgian Islands / Wild - MSC Only
    Rainbow Trout - Product of Canada / Inland Flow-through System
    Salmon Atlantic Product of B.C. / Kuterra Land Based Farm only
   Salmon Coho Product of B.C. or Alaska / Wild Gill Net/Troll/Seine Net
   Salmon Spring/King/Chinook Product of B.C. or Alaska / Wild Gill Net/Troll/Seine Net
   Salmon Sockeye Product of B.C. or Alaska / Wild Gill Net/Troll/Seine Net 

   Scallops Sea Product of B.C. or Alaska / Wild Gill Net/Troll/Seine Net 
   Scallops Bay Product of B.C. or Alaska / Wild Gill Net/Troll/Seine Net 
    Shrimp Black Tiger Product of Vietnam / ASC Certified Farms
   Shrimp Coldwater Pink Product of Oregon, U.S.A. / Wild Modified Trawl
   Shrimp Spotted Prawns - Product of Canada / Wild Trap
   Shrimp White - Product of USA / Inland Farmed System
   Squid Japanese Product of Sea of Japan / Wild Jig Caught
   Squid Humbolt Jumbo Product of Mexico, Gulf of California / Wild Jig Caught
   Sturgeon Caviar - Shortnose, Product of East Coast of Canada / Farmed
   Sturgeon Caviar Northern Divine - White Fraser River, Product of B.C., Canada / Farmed
  Tilapia - Product of Ecuador / Inland Farmed
   Tuna Albacore - Product of Canada / Wild Troll/Pole
   Tuna Sushi - Yellowfin - Product of Philippines / Wild Handline
   Urchin Sea - Product of Canada / Wild Diver Caught
   Yellow Perch - Product of Lake Erie, Canada / Wild Gill Net

* For more products, click here on our Ocean Wise Product List

* If you don't see an item, but know it's Ocean Wise Recommended, don't hesitate to contact us this is just a summarized list of the most popular species.

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