Mangrove Shrimp Black Tiger

Panaeus monodon


  • A Saltwater Shrimp
  • Sushi Name: Ebi - refers to all shrimp used for sushi
  • The World's First Ocean Wise Recommended Shrimp
  • Best Choice / Green SeaChoice ranked Black Tiger Shrimp
  • The most popular Shrimp in the retail and foodservice industry because of its excellent quality
  • Available as Easy Peel Shell-on Deveined
  • Available in these sizes count/LB: 8-12, 16-20 & 26-30
  • Individually Quick Frozen IQF - take out only what you need
  • Packed in 2 LB Bag
  • Farm-raised
    ASC Certified Shrimp
  • Product of Vietnam

 Ocean Wise Recommended

OceanPrime Sustainable Seafood info:

> Best Choice
> Land-based, Natural Mangrove Forest Farms, closed systems
> Silvofishery
> Vietnam only - specific fisheries
> Sustainable Seafood Item No. to Order

  • Farmed Mangrove Shrimp 8/12ct 2 LB: 699042
  • Farmed Mangrove Shrimp 16/20ct 2 LB: 699485
  • Farmed Mangrove Shrimp 26/30ct 2 LB: 699885

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