Seacore Seafood is MSC Certified


The Marine Stewardship Council is an organization that certifies wild, sustainable fish and sustainable seafood throughout the world.  Seacore is proud to be a certified distributor and seafood supplier of MSC Certified products.

Read the MSC Theory of Change.

Our Certificate No. is: MSC-C-51042

Expires on: Feb. 18, 2018

  We offer a selection of certified MSC products:

Alaskan & B.C. Wild Chum Salmon

Alaskan & B.C. Wild Coho Salmon

Alaskan & B.C. Wild King Salmon

Alaskan & B.C. Wild Pink Salmon

Alaskan & B.C. Wild Sockeye Salmon

Albacore Tuna

Black Cod / Sablefish

Chilean Sea Bass / Patagonian Toothfish

Crab Atlantic Red




Pacific Cod



Shrimp Pink Oregon



Contact Us for more details on the Marine Stewardship Council and products that are MSC Certified.

For more information on the Marine Stewardship Council please visit 

Please Note: 
All MSC Certified products have a unique item number and must be from a certified fishery.  MSC Certified product will have our certificate number on all documents including your invoice.  Our MSC Certificate number is unique to Seacore Seafood and all MSC product must be certified or else it can not be considered MSC.  


MSC and the MSC Logo are registered trademarks of the Marine Stewardship Council



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