Technology Inspired Service

Seacore Seafood understands the need to always stay on top of technology as it allows us to better service all of our customers and suppliers.  As a result, Seacore Seafood always takes the initiative to invest in the proper technology which will provide a better level of comfort and ease of use for our customers.  In the past this was seen via Fax, Overnight Voicemail, Cellular Phones for all of our drivers and Email Ordering.  Today, it is seen through our exclusive Mobile App, Online Ordering, Online Payments, GPS Tracking & GPS Temperature Recording of all our trucks and an IT infrastructure that can bring up pertinent information instantly.  All of these things combined allow us to provide our customers with the best possible service.


The Seacore Mobile App

You can download our Seacore Seafood App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for your phone or tablet.  Once downloaded, you can enter orders, look up your account payables, view products, prices, features and much more.  Click here for more info on the Seacore Seafood App.  


Online Marketplace

You can also order from Seacore’s catalogue through ChefHero’s digital marketplace, while gaining access to a large network of trusted suppliers across other additional categories. When using ChefHero, you’re able to:
  • Order all of your supplies across multiple categories in one place
  • Easily access all invoices digitally
  • Repeat past orders with the click of a button
If you’d like to start ordering through ChefHero, get in touch here
Exact same quality and freshness!  Seacore Products are delivered by Seacore Trucks and Seacore Employees.  Orders and Payments are placed through ChefHero's Website or App.


Seacore Online Ordering

You can have a account created and place your order online within seconds through the following ways:

             • from our Product Catalogue
             • from your past orders in Order Inquiry
             • from a pre-determined Order Guide
             • from a Quick Order Form

Click here to place an order Online.  You can even access the online orders from your Mobile Phone!

Online Inquiry

In addition, if you have a account set up you will be able to get instant access to the following information:

             • Order Inquiry - see if you have an order placed already and what items are on it
             • Invoice Inquiry - see all previous invoices and what items were on them
             • Payables Summary - see what your payables is and when it is due
             • Export you Order Guides to Excel

Online Payments

If you bank with any of the major Canadian banks just sign up for their bill payment service, if you haven’t already, and then add Seacore Seafood as a vendor.

             • Bank of Montreal
             • CIBC
             • RBC – Royal Bank
             • Scotiabank
             • TD Canada Trust

You can pay on the internet, by telephone or even at your ATM!  Ask your bank for more information on bill payment services.


Our IT infrastructure can automatically upload all the pertininent traceability information our customers require in order for them to have access to catch methods, sustainability ranks, scientific names, lot control and much more.  Seacore uses a special software to connect all aspects of our product supply chain.

Information Technology 

Our IT infrastructure connects every single aspect of our business giving us complete integration from our customer service department receiving an online order to our processing room obtaining a custom cut order to our shipping department ensuring the order is shipped exact to order and on time.  We have all of the information you require instantly upon request.



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