OceanPrime ® Sustainable Seafood Program Guiding Principles

Seacore Seafood recognizes its role in helping ensure a sustainable future for the seafood we buy and sell, and the overall health of our oceans.  As one of the largest seafood distributors in Canada, we aim to be a model of sustainability in the Canadian seafood marketplace and to emerge as a proactive leader that is well positioned to supply sustainable seafood products to our consumers.


Guiding Principles

Make a Commitment
Commit to developing and implementing a comprehensive, corporate policy on sustainable seafood.

Collecting Data
Assess and monitor the environmental sustainability of our seafood products.

Buying Environmentally Responsible Seafood
Support environmentally responsible seafood choices through purchasing decisions.

Be Transparent
Make information regarding our seafood products publicly available.

Educate our customers, suppliers, employees and other key stakeholders about environmentally responsible seafood.

Support Reform
Engage in and support policy and management reforms that leads to positive environmental outcomes in fisheries and aquaculture management.



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