Little Shemogue Oysters
Crassostrea virginica


  • Choice Oyster
  • Small: 100ct  |  2.5-3"
  • Medium: 100ct  |  3-3.5"
  • Large: 100ct  |  3.5-4"
  • 100 count per case
  • Farmed & Harvested in New Brunswick
  • Fresh
  • Product of Canada

 Ocean Wise Recommended

The Little Shemogue Oysters from New Brunswick.  This premium choice oyster is available in a variety of sizes.  The one featured is averaging between 2.5-3" in size and is plump with firm meat.  It is rich in minerals and has a medium-high salt content infused with the fresh ocean taste from their bay in the Tormentine Peninsula in southeast New Brunswick.  The result is a clean, sweet finish making it a great choice for any menu or seafood counter.

  • Small 100 ct Case: 516390
  • Medium 100 ct Case: 516391
  • Large 100 ct Case: 516392

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* Available weather permitting

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