Endless Kiss
Crassostrea gigas


  • 2-2.5 inches in size
  • Choice oyster
  • 60 count per case
  • Harvested in B.C.
  • Fresh
  • Product of Canada

 Ocean Wise Recommended

Endless Kiss Oysters are grown in the pristine waters off of Denman Island in British Columbia.  Very comparable to the more popular Kusshi or Kumamoto Oysters, Endless Kiss Oysters have a remarkably deep cup with firm, plump and juicy meat.  They are a petite oyster under 2.5" but yield a great meat content.  These quality oysters are tray raised and regularly tumbled and then beach hardened for thicker shells that make for easier shucking and a longer shelf-life.  The flavour profile is a fresh and mildy briny taste with a sweet cucumber finish ideal to be enjoyed as a cocktail or raw oyster.


* Available weather permitting

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