Glidden Point Oysters
Crassostrea virginica


  • 3-4 inches in size
  • Premium Choice oyster
  • 100 count per case
  • Harvested in Maine
  • Fresh
  • Farm-raised Sustainable
  • Product of USA

 Ocean Wise Recommended

Glidden Point is a really nice Oyster from Maine.  An oyster preferred by many of the most stern Oyster Shuckers around North America, it is available in a 3-4" size.  The Glidden Point Oysters are farmed in an oyster nursery located on Jack's Point Lease on the Damariscotta River which sits just downstream of the prime food source of the Great Salt Bay.  Once harvested, the Oysters are hand picked, yes hand picked in a truly sustainable manner from oyster farmers who have been doing it since 1987.  Over the years through trial & error, they have been able to yield one of the best oysters around.  A crisp, briny, salty taste from the deep cup is the result after harvesting the Glidden Point Oysters for over 4 years.  They are an oyster not meant for a buck-a -shuck, but as one of the most prized oysters in the USA, they are definitely a preferred one by many. 



> Best Choice
> Farmed
> International
> Sustainable Seafood Item No. to Order

  • 100ct: 516348

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* Available weather permitting

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