Harty Oysters
Crassostrea gigas


  • 3-4 and 4-5 inches in size
  • Choice oyster
  • 50 count per case
  • Farm-raised
  • Harvested in Ireland
  • Fresh
  • Product of Ireland

 Ocean Wise Recommended

When you taste an oyster, you are experiencing the very place it was grown, bringing new meaning to the phrase: “The world is your oyster”! Harty Oysters score highly in their salinity, sweetness and texture. They are both meaty and tender and have been described as a “dessert” oyster. They are well-balanced salty pistachios from the sea. Some of the oysters have a lovely citrusy note, with a subtle and clean cucumber finish.

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> Best Choice
> Land-based Farms
> Ireland
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  • 50 ct: 516562


* Available weather permitting

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