Humble and Frank Seafood Sauces, Rubs & Batters


  • All natural marinades, rubs & batters designed for seafood
  • Sauces: Cocktail, Spicy Cocktail, Tartar, Cajun Tartar, Hawaiin Sesame Poke, Hurricane Siracha Poke, Ginger Wasabi Poke, Miso Sesame Poke, Tequila and LIme, Lemon Honey Herb, Korean Sesame Teriyaki, Chipolte Lime and West Coast Miso.
  • Batters: Original Beer, Gluten Free Beer and Japanese Style Tempura.
  • Rubs: Original Seafood, West Coast Slamon, Citrus Sweet Chili and Szechuan Sesame.
  • Product of British Columbia


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