Japanese Flying Squid
Todarodes pacificus


  • Also known as Japanese Flying Squid
  • Available as cleaned rings or tubes
  • Exclusive type of Todarodes pacificus for this designation
  • Frozen, IQF
  • Wild, Jig Caught
  • Caught in Sea of Japan, Processed in China

 Ocean Wise Recommended

The Calamari is from a Japanese Flying Squid known for it's tenderness and nice taste. It's only harvested twice a year making it very exclusive. Most of the catches go to Japan and South Korea where it is heavily sought after by the top restaurants and hotels. It is Jig Caught making it Ocean Wise recommended.

The population of Japanese flying squid is very well managed and current harvesting is below total allowable catch!

Jigs are a great sustainable way of harvesting squid because they are a selected harvesting method vs something like a bottom trawl which can catch other species. Jigs do not come into contact with the seafloor so they do not negatively impact the surrounding environment as well which is also what makes it a sustainable option.


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