Savoury Calms
Nuttallia obscurata


  • Hard, oval clam
  • White, purplish colour
  • Relatively medium in size
  • Fresh
  • Farmed in B.C.
  • Product of Canada

 Ocean Wise Recommended

The Savoury Clam is farmed aquaculture from the coast of Vancouver Island.  Savoury clams also called varnish clams, were unintentionally introduced to the Strait of Georgia, BC, in the late 1980's or early 1990's. 

Savoury clam dishes are visually striking as well as succulent. The shiny brown shell is pale purple inside, and the meat is sweet, earthy, and exceptionally tender. They are sweeter than manila clams and have a softer texture.

The most common way to cook clams is to steam them. They can also be cooked in soup, baked, or stir-fried. Clams can be cooked together with mussels. You will find that they cook faster than manila clams because their shells are thinner. If you are cooking the two types together, add the savoury clams to the pot about 2 minutes after the manilas.


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