Tilapia galilaea


  • Also known as St. Peter's Fish
  • Available as whole or deep skinned fillet
  • Fillets are pinkish in colour
  • Fillets are available in a variety of sizes 4-6, 5-7, 7-9 & 9-11 oz
  • Fresh and Frozen
  • Farm-raised in brackish water inland
  • Product of USA, Ecuador, Honduras, Columbia and China

  This item from Ecuador, Canada & USA is Ocean Wise approved.


* Ontario Farmed Tilapia


 OceanPrime Sustainable Seafood info:

> Best Choice
> Land-based Farms
> Canada, USA & Ecuador Product Only
> Sustainable Seafood Item No. to Order

  • Tilapia Fillet Fresh: 786280
  • Tilapia Fillet 4-6: 785960
  • Tilapia Fillet 5-7: 786040
  • Tilapia Fillet 7-9: 786120

Click here for official SeaChoice assessment information

* Note: Tilapia from other countries may not be considered sustainable.  When ordering please use the Item No. listed here to ensure you are purchasing sustainable seafood. 


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