Welsh Sea Bass
Dicentrarchus labrax


  • Also known as 'Branzini', 'Anglesey Sea Bass' or 'Mediterranean Bass'.
  • Available as whole, scaled & gutted or fillet.
  • Fillets are white in colour.
  • Available in 400-600g.
  • Fresh, flow in direct to Toronto.
  • 100% Indoor, Land-based Farm where water quality is controlled & monitored.  As a result of the pristine, clean water used, this Sea Bass has a healthier, greenish colour to its skin.
  • Never exposed to anitbiotics or hormones in its entire life cycle.
  • Feed cotnains no genetically modified organisms (GMO free) & is free of any land based animal proteins.
  • Farm-raised, Closed Circuit on Anglesey Island.
  • Product of Wales, United Kingdom

Product Difference of Welsh Sea Bass to other European Sea Bass

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