Bluehouse Salmon

Salmo salar


  • Atlantic Salmon that is land raised
  • Salmon farmed on a land based farms in Denmark and soon USA from Atlatnic Sapphire
  • Farm raised All Natural Chemical free, Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free, Pesticides Free
  • Cleaned for PCBs, mercury and microplastics
  • Available as whole, butterfly, steaks, portions or fillet
  • Fresh
  • Product of USA or Denmark
  •  Ocean Wise Recommended
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Seacore is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Bluehouse Salmon from Atlantic Sapphire in Ontario.  This land-based farmed salmon is Ocean Wise Recommended.  In addition to that, it truly has one of the cleanest, mildest taste of any Salmon we've ever tried.  Its unique farm yields a very high end and premium product.  Currently being farm raised in Denmark, Atlantic Sapphire is currently building the largest land-based Salmon Farm in the world in Miami, Florida.   Set to open up in 2020, it will be an industry game changer and be able to provide land based salmon to the masses in the North American market.  The Bluehouse Salmon is slightly more than the traditional Atlantic Salmon, but once you taste it, read all the great facts about it, you'll see it is truly a bargain for what you receive and helps our future generations to come. 

Bluehosue Salmon facts:
Delicious – mild flavor, delicate texture, very versatile for cooking
Healthy – rich in proteins, heart healthy omega-3s, minerals and vitamins
All Natural – free of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and synthetic pigment; cleaned for PCBs, mercury and microplastics, GMO free
Sustainable – lower carbon footprint and sustainable feed
Eco-Friendly – reduces impact on wild species and the environment
Green Rated – Atlantic Sapphire salmon is rated BEST CHOICE by the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch, SeaChoice and OceanWise Recommended
Bluehouse vs Organic Salmon:
Know the Difference and see what makes Bluehouse so good!
Bluehouse Salmon Product Information
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Denmark Farm
Miami Farm - Opens 2020 World's Largest Land-based Farm



Bluehouse Salmon Product Information

Bluehouse Salmon Farm Information

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